Photography Workshop ( online )

This workshop is not just about photography; it's about finding joy, embracing your vision and letting your creativity soar.


Photography Workshop ( in person )


Group Session ~ A Tender Exploration Of Self-Love

A safe haven where we celebrate bodies, explore self-compassion, and capture transformative self-portraits.

An intimate gathering for beautiful souls where we focus on healing, celebration, and empowerment.

Limited spots available.


What others have to say about the workshop:

"Nikki's workshop was a dream! Being able to see her creative process up close, and learn more about the techniques she uses to achieve her signature dreamy-70s look, was extremely inspiring. She gave us directions and new tools to develop our skills in working with natural light, how to achieve more interesting compositions, and how to use everything around us as a prop. All of this, combined with her kind and sweet personality, made this workshop one of the most inspiring photography experiences I've ever had."

 "Like the others have said already: thank you so much. It was inspiring to follow the workshop most of all and it has me even more excited about photography. You encouraged me to do more, to try more and experiment more. That's (more than) what I hoped for. Thanks!" 

"It was an amazing experience to join Nikki's workshop and I was very inspired to create new images using props and light modifiers available in the environment I'm shooting in. Also, she made me want to grab my analog camera and start shooting again with it. She was very open to answer all the questions as well. I highly recommend this workshop to everyone that is interested in making more creative photographs." 

"I loved your workshop, it was very personal and open. I really like the guide you made. Because I’ve been busy these days and like that I can still learn from you! U are an inspiration and a kind soul ✨ keep the magic going."

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