Hi there! My name is Nikki van de Poel (1988), a film photographer based in the Netherlands.

Since 2015, I have been exploring photography as a medium to express myself. Through my work I examine themes of femininity, love, loneliness and traveling. In my work I love to play with natural light, It's amazing how fast light can change and create new shapes in a matter of seconds.

I love telling stories through my photography. I have been sharing those stories with the world for a little while now and am finding a lot of comfort and satisfaction in helping (and being helped by) other people with their struggles / insecurities by connecting with them through my photography. It's a magical feeling.

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Clients + Publications:

Vogue Paris / OOR Magazine / Girlgaze / DeWolff / CosmoGIRL! / The Dawn Brothers / Vinyl Magazine
Oh Marie! Magazine / Lust for Life Magazine / Veronica Magazine / PlatoMANIA / KEEK / KOKO Coffee & Design
Volkshotel / Cristel Ball / Demi Knight / The Grand East / VOLT / Blackbird Coffee & Vintage / SMAAK

Online Publications + Interviews (click to read):

3voor12Utrecht - 'Americanalog'
HP/De tijd - 'Americanalog'
Eyeem - Visual Interview
Rektmag - 'Morning Rituals'
Ignant - 'Morning Rituals' 
Herbeautymag - Interview about my 'Morning Rituals' series
Ayemag - 'Morning Rituals' 


August / Solo exhibition "Americanalog" - Lowlands Festival
August - October / Solo exhibition "Americanalog" - Café de Koe, Amsterdam
August / Solo exhibition "Americanalog" - Music Machine, Sittard
August / Solo exhibition "Americanalog" - SMAAK, Geleen
September / Solo exhibition "Americanalog" - De Utrechtse Boekenbar, Utrecht

Feb / Solo exhibition - Volt, Sittard "DeWolff - A Day in the Life"

Jan - March / Solo exhibition - Blackbird Coffee & Vintage, Utrecht
March - June / Solo exhibition - KOKO Coffee & Design, Amsterdam
May / Group exhibition - Volkshotel, Amsterdam
August / Solo exhibition - Collaboration with De Domijnen, Geleen
August - October / Solo exhibition - KEEK, Utrecht

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