Nikki van de Poel (1988) 

A film photographer based in the Netherlands. I love finding magic in everyday life. The way the sun slowly brightens up the endless mountain views in the morning, the way the rain makes everything sparkle, the reflections created in a lake, the wind making it look like all the leafs are doing a little dance. Yes, I'm a dreamer, but that's what makes my work unique. Let me take you away to the little dream world I like to create with my pictures ♥

The main subject you will see in my photography is the body and all its different shapes, sizes and colours. Something that fascinates me deeply. It all started with my own journey to self-acceptance, by taking photographs of my own body I started to look at it in a whole new way. I saw my body in a new light, from a new perspective and it helped me to slowly accept and love my own body. 

I wanted to share this process with the world and let people know that they are not alone. A lot of people are struggling with their body image and by sharing my images and words I want to open up the conversation about the subject. I started photographing other people naked and helped them to see themselves in a new way, just like I did. Eventually these photographs turned into my book "softer", which I published in December 2020. 

It's an ongoing project with so much more to discover, the body is a magical thing and I cannot wait to see what this journey will bring me. ♥

For your daily dose of film photography, head on over to my Instagram account. 

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Books :

Satellite June - Americanalog ( self-published in 2018 )

Satellite June - Softer ( self-published in 2020 )

Publications in :

Flow / PS Parool / Vogue Paris / OOR Magazine / Girlgaze / CosmoGIRL! /  Emotion Magazin / Vinyl Magazine / 

Lust for Life Magazine / Veronica Magazine / PlatoMANIA / Metro / Maybe. magazine

Online Publications + Interviews (click to read):

3voor12Utrecht - 'Americanalog'
Eyeem - Visual Interview
Rektmag - 'Morning Rituals'
Ignant - 'Morning Rituals' 
Herbeautymag - Interview about my 'Morning Rituals' series

- Iso - Interview about my book 'Americanalog



November - December / Solo Exhibition "The Poetry of Light" - IDstore Haarlem


March / Group Exhibition "2020 Creating her New Decade" - 180 Kingsday, Amsterdam


August / Solo exhibition "Americanalog" - Lowlands Festival
August - October / Solo exhibition "Americanalog" - Café de Koe, Amsterdam
August / Solo exhibition "Americanalog" - Music Machine, Sittard
August / Solo exhibition "Americanalog" - SMAAK, Geleen
September / Solo exhibition "Americanalog" - De Utrechtse Boekenbar, Utrecht


Feb / Solo exhibition - Volt, Sittard "DeWolff - A Day in the Life"


Jan - March / Solo exhibition - Blackbird Coffee & Vintage, Utrecht
March - June / Solo exhibition - KOKO Coffee & Design, Amsterdam
May / Group exhibition - Volkshotel, Amsterdam
August / Solo exhibition - Collaboration with De Domijnen, Geleen
August - October / Solo exhibition - KEEK, Utrecht

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