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Photography Workshop: An Invitation to Play ( online )

€119.00 EUR

Invitation To Play: Online Photography Workshop

Calling all photography enthusiasts, both analog and digital - the moment has arrived! I am thrilled to present "Invitation to Play" the online photography workshop where we embark on a journey of discovering new inspiration for your creative work.

Are you ready to elevate your photography to a whole new level? Let me guide you to see your surroundings in a fresh and captivating light, unlocking the potential of your visual storytelling.

Throughout this workshop, we will delve into exciting assignments, encouraging you to experiment with various elements of photography: light, framing, layers, moods, textures, and angles. By blending these elements creatively, you will discover the essence of what moves you and craft your own authentic photography style - one that speaks your unique language.

Drawing from my own years of exploration and experimentation, I am delighted to share my knowledge, tips, and tricks with you. Let's play and push the boundaries of what's possible!

We will delve into a range of magical subjects:

✿ Different Types of Light: Embrace and Play with Light's Magic.

✿ The Art of Layers: Add Depth and Dimension to Your Visuals.

✿ Unleash Your Imagination: Play with Colours, Textures, Filters, and Poses.

What you'll receive:

❀ Access to an Exclusive Instagram Account: A daily dose of inspiring posts, packed with all the essential information you need to elevate your photography.

❀ Guiding Videos: Delve deeper into each day's subject through storytelling videos in my stories, designed to fuel your inspiration.

❀ Comprehensive PDF Guide: A treasure chest of knowledge, filled with workshop insights and valuable information.

You'll have one month of unlimited access, granting you enough time to explore, learn, and absorb the enchanting world of photography. (Instructions for accessing the Instagram account will be provided upon signup.)

Most importantly, let's unite our creative souls and craft pure magic with our lenses.

Ps. need some extra guidance? You can choose these options as add-ons in the menu. 

❀ Personal Feedback: Receive personalized feedback from me, nurturing your growth and creativity.

Additional One-Hour Call: Use this call to ask me anything, could be about photography in general, your work, feedback, brainstorming, anything you need. 

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