Hi! My name is Nikki. 

I’m a 28-year old film photographer from The Netherlands. Dreamy & nostalgic are the two words most used when describing my work. 

Natural light is a really important element in my work, I love playing with it to get the perfect shot. I really love shooting outside, surrounded by nature (autumn colors & winter light are my favorite). I get a lot of inspiration from the seventies; the clothing, the music, the colors, I try to capture this vibe in my pictures.


Solo - exhibition: Blackbird Coffee & Vintage, Utrecht. (2016 - Jan - March)
Solo - exhibition: KOKO Coffee & Design, Amsterdam. (2016 - March - June)
Group exhibition: Volkshotel, Amsterdam. (2016 - May)
Solo - exhibition: Collaboration with De Domijnen, Geleen. (2016 - August)
Solo - exhibition: KEEK, Utrecht. (2016 - August - October)
Solo - exhibition: Volt, Sittard "DeWolff - A Day in the Life" (2017 - February)


DeWolff - The Grand East - Tessa Rose Jackson - Oh Marie! Magazine - Mitch Rivers - The Dawn Brothers - Cristel Ball - Nachtschade - The Royal Engineers - Demi Knight 



Amber Kamminga

Cover for her single 'Getting to know you'

Styling by Aylin Ak


Cover for 'Outta Step & Ill At Ease'

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