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workshop (1-on-1) photography - let's swim to the moon

€695.00 EUR

feeling a little stuck with your work? or don't know where/how to start with your business? need a fresh pair of eyes to look at your photography and help you forward?

this workshop might be just the thing for you ♥

( suitable for both analog and digital photographers )

- Let's swim to the moon -

( make the impossible possible )

let me guide you and help you chase your dreams !

what the workshop will look like:

you will create a portfolio (prior to the workshop) for me to review

we will start the day talking about your work, discussing your portfolio - finding your strong points, but also your weaknesses and start working from there on.


model: I will arrange a model for us to shoot with  - we will take all the points from our conversation and start using what you learned directly into this shoot - we will be shooting indoor and outdoor (working with different types op light). 


during this day you will receive assignments that will really make you think about your work and will help you in the right direction - these will all be bundled into a little booklet ( together with some tips & tricks ).

we will have some lunch and drinks and it will allow us some time for a Q&A in which you can ask me anything you want to know about photography / having your own business. 


afterwards we will get together one more time to discuss the work you shot during / after the workshop to see how it has grown. 

I decided to plan this moment a little while after the workshop so you can get the pictures developed / edit them and take some time to process all the information you received during the workshop.

Let's create some magic together - 

10:00 - 14:30 + an extra meeting (+- 45min) afterwards (irl or skype)

we will choose a date after you booked your spot - 

price is incl. taxes / lunch & drinks.

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