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mentor session 1 - on - 1

€395.00 EUR

Having trouble finding your own style? or don't know where/how to start with your business? Not sure how to use social media to make the most out of your business? Need a fresh pair of eyes to look at your photography and help you forward?

This mentor session might be just the thing for you ♥

with over 25k followers on instagram and 5 years of experience as a photographer I am more than happy to help you find your way!

Let me guide you and help you chase your dreams !

What the mentor session will look like:

We will meet up for coffee and talk about everything that has to do with your photography / business. Bring your laptop or pen and paper so you can take notes. Make sure to have some questions prepared !

Before the mentor session I will have a look at your website + social media to see what your strong points are but also your weaknesses so I know where we can work / focus on during the session.


You will receive assignments and advice that will really make you think about your work / business / social media and will guide you in the right direction - 


Afterwards we will get together one more time to discuss the work you shot / did after the mentor session to see how it has grown. 

I decided to plan this moment a few weeks after the mentor session so you can work on the assignments and get the pictures developed / edit them and take some time to process all the information you received during the mentor session.

Let's create some magic together - 

12:00 - 14:00 
+ an extra meeting (+- 60min) afterwards (irl or skype)

we will choose a date after you booked your spot - 

price is incl. taxes / + drinks.

review from one of my clients; 

The mentor sessions were really helpful to me. It’s wonderful how it brought me new insights again and again, in order to move forward in my project. Nikki could ‘remind’ me of my goals and give me directions how to get there. Above all, she knows a lot and I got valuable feedback on both my photography and my process. (Geke Bosch)

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