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inspiration workshop - February 15th

€175.00 EUR

workshop (for the lovers and the dreamers)

this workshop will all about finding new inspiration for your work.
I will help you to look at your surroundings in a different way which will help you to lift your work to a whole new level.

through little assignments you will get to experiment with different kinds of light / framing / moods / textures / angles to broaden your visual horizon.

during the workshop you will both be photographer and model - I chose to do it like this because I think it's important to know both sides. It will help you to give clearer instructions to your own model afterwards, which will definitely improve your work. 

we will look at different sources of inspiration - like movies, books, memories.

At the end there will be a Q&A in which you can ask me anything ♥

( !!!) important (!!!)

it is important that you already know how to use a camera, because I will be focusing on the story, the picture - it's not a workshop showing you how your camera works 

what will you be bringing?

- your own camera 

- film rolls (if you're an analog photographer)

- make sure to have some questions prepared 

- pen and paper, to take notes :-)

duration: 3,5 hrs ( 11:00 - 14:30 )

4 persons

price = incl. taxes + drinks

in / around Utrecht

let's create some magic 

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