Tess & Kieran

Spending the afternoon with these two lovebirds was like being in the most romantic movie ever made. Seriously, sparks everywhere. Let me tell you their (awesome) love story:

They met in a hostel in Chiang Mai, Tess all sweaty from carrying her backpack and Kieran wearing just a Miffy towel, it was love at first sight (obviously), hihi. After discovering the city for three days in a row without leaving eachothers side, Kieran went on a meditation retreat for three weeks. Tess continued her journey to Laos, Cambodja & Myanmar on her own, but after being in contact with him again, they both knew they had to be together. She flew to Australia to visit him and from that moment on it was clear: Kieran was coming with her to the Netherlands. He packed his bags and they travelled through Indonesia and Nepal before heading home. They both found a job within three weeks and to top it all off; a beautiful apartment in Den Haag where they currently live and create memories together ♥

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