Morning Rituals - Yentl

It was a cold, rainy morning when I knocked on Yentl’s door, she lives in a lovely building in the beautiful old city centre of Utrecht. Her room is on the top floor of the building and has big windows in it, so this gloomy day was actually perfect for the shoot. The windows let in just enough moody winter light. Yentl always starts her day with eating breakfast in bed and reading the newspaper whilst drinking a big pot of coffee. Oh and a big bottle filled with hot water and some slices of lemon & lime, a cinnamon stick, ginger and star anise, you should definitely try this at home, so good! ♡ After really taking her time for her breakfast (which I should do more often, so nice to start the day at such a calm pace), she gets dressed and is ready to start her day. Slow mornings are the best and so is her view, I can imagine her sitting on her windowsill in the summertime, windows wide open and taking in all the beautiful sights. 

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