Two days in Bremen

We really wanted to go on a little getaway but had no idea what city to visit. So we just closed our eyes and put our finger on the map, it landed on Bremen, so that’s where we went. I must admit that I didn’t know anything about Bremen before we visited. But man oh man, it sure is a cute little city with all its old colorful houses.

Since we planned this getaway just a few days ahead, I couldn’t find an available AirBnb anymore, so we decided to go with a hotel instead (Swissotel). Which was actually really nice, including a Sauna and a Steam bath and (bonuspoints) it’s situated in the middle of the city. All of the nice areas were just a 5-10 minute walk away. 

We started in the Viertel area, which I loved the most to be honest. Just follow the big street Ostertorsteinweg and walk into the little side streets to get some serious house inspiration, I mean almost all the houses had either a  beautiful staircase filled with plants or a front porch-like room attached to it, lovelovelove.

Some shops I really liked:

Kauf dich glucklich : A lovely concept store for men and women, they have clothes, shoes, jewelry, books and much more. Oh and on the second floor you can get a nice cup of coffee as well.

Anziehungspunkt Second Hand : A small shop with a nice selection of second hand items for men and women.

EAR : Our citytrips wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t visit at least one record shop. This one has a small, but pretty good selection of vinyl. Definitely worth a visit!

We stopped for some coffee and beer at Coffee-Corner (ostertorsteinweg 1) before heading back to the actual city centre. Bremen has quite a big city centre with all the well-known shops. We decided to avoid those busy streets and discover all the little alleyways instead. So happy we did, look at the beautiful buildings we found ♥

So, yeah if you’re into cute old colored houses just like me, definitely visit Bremen! A great city to explore by foot, I love walking around, gives you so much time to take in all the pretty sights you would probably miss if you travel by tram/bus etc.

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