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americanalog (book + record)

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This package contains a photography book by Satellite June + a vinyl record by Pablo van de Poel (all shot & recorded analog)


144 pages
308 x 220mm
printed on 150g paper

13 songs
180 gram

Americanalog - the world of two lovers traveling through the America of our collective dreams - the LA of the Eagles, Jim Morrisson & the Byrds, Route 66's neon paradise, Jackrabbit Slim's $5 milkshake, drive-in cinemas, gold rush ghost towns, a UFO descending from Roswell's deep dark starry desert night skies- and capturing it. Sometimes this dream world was hidden underneath a harsh reality, that somehow seems to be twice as harsh in America. A country with one foot stuck in the past, too proud to change in favor of a better future. Poverty, guns, trailer ghost towns in which only some mean-looking dog gave away the fact that there were actually still people living there: the blues. Sometimes it was hidden underneath some kind of anti-reality: a thick plastic Las Vegas-layer, so thick even the blistering desert sun can't melt it. But it's always there somehow: in the breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, the LA morning sun, in some of the kindest people you've ever met and just that feeling that you're sitting on top of the world. Americanalog. The two sides of America; one harsh and the other more beautiful than you could ever imagine. Our love for each other and for this amazing country with its astonishingly beautiful deserts and forests and mountains and endless cities in the center of the world were captured in this book and this record. Let us take you away to this mesmerizing place you should definitely see through (y)our (own) eyes.

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